The next step forward in blade innovation.

Changing from ordinary blades to Randall foils is comparable to changing from macon blades to big blades. 

The same Randall foils fit on sculling oars and sweep oars, and fit almost all types of blades. Optimising blades from increases in performance.

Currently, the Randall foils have been tested and fit on the following blades: 

  • Croker standard and arrow

  • Empacher standard and thin

  • C2 standard

  • C2 with Vortex edge (only permanent mounting, see fitting page) 

  • Braca (except their latest “thick blade” oars)


Rowers can now deliver a firm solid catch with no slip and achieve a direct transfer of power from the athlete to the boat. The Rower no longer needs to bury deeply to get a hold on the water. The foil allows the athlete to take full advantage of an earlier peak force curve.


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