Getting the most out of the Randall Foils



Set the pitch on your blade anywhere from 0 to 3 degrees. It has been suggested that 0 degrees offers more grip in the water. Pitch of 4 degrees will not work! Without this change, you will experience a sensation of wash or water turbulence during the stroke. 

Tim Mclaren discovered that even some carbon riggers bend in larger team boats. Therefore 0° initial pitch will lead to approximately 2° or 3° during the middle drive.



This is an optional. Consider raising your gates by 1 – 3 washers. As you won't be burying your blade as deeply. Without this change, you will be fighting against the design of the foil and be forcing the blade down below the surface.



Shorten your outboard to get softer gearing. Example: instead of 160 / 288 / 88 you should try 160cm spread / 286cm total oar length / 88cm inboard



Do not smack the catch. Build up your stroke over the middle part of the drive. A long leg drive pays off when using the Foils. Remember: there is now very, very little slip on your blade!


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